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30 August 1988
about me...
i'm emma. i'm 20. i'm australian. i love japan. i love japanese guys. i'd give just about anything to be able to go to japan. i'm only sticking to my awful job so i can save enough money to go there... and even that's failing at the moment. i love the simpsons and futurama. the simpsons has been my favourite tv show for as long as i've been able to sit in front of the tv. i love playing guitar hero and racing games... and bust-a-groove. i have a toy penguin (tidus) who has now been on every continent except for south america. he travels the world because i can't. please join his facebook group "friends of tidus". i am a karaoke freak. i go any chance i get! i love to sing w-inds. songs ~ it just feels so good to actually have a place that does it in sydney. oh, i forgot to mention i love w-inds.! and lead! and one ok rock! and yui! and... ugh a few more. if you'd like to know more, add me as a friend so you can read my rants.

i like...
movies, photography, music, karaoke, writing, purikura, w-inds., the simpsons, surf skiing, japanese guys, lead, steak, reading, hibird, one ok rock, futurama, yui, porno graffitti, blogging, etc

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